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Last modified on 6/7/2019 11:39 AM by User.


2.0.19 Web Client

Release Notes: May 02, 2019

Version: 2.0.19




  • Sms notifications are now restricted based on license.
  • Cards will now automatically be assigned in visitor management new Visitor From Scan regardless if scan completes.
  • Sms notifications will now only be sent if the instance is licensed.
  • After a badge print takes place we are returned to the page we started the print from.

Bug Fixes:

  • Badge Printing from this client now works. Note the correct size for the badge and printer paper must be set with the windows client. This may take some trial and error for custom badge sizes. 
  • A Badge with a width of 0 and/or a height of 0 now will be given the dimensions of a CR80 edge to edge during the printing process.
  • Cards with large numbers should no longer have any issue being assigned.
  • Now able to edit a card assignment's expires on date.