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Last modified on 8/19/2020 9:30 AM by User.


20.8.1 Web Client

Release Notes: August 19th, 2020

Versions: 20.8.1

  • Two Factor Authentication now Verifies that the number provided contains a country code.
    • The Verify / Save button changes colour and icon in order to warn the user if the number provided does not contain a country code. A tooltip is also provided with details.
  • The reset password modal now displays an appropriate message if the password being set does not meet password length requirements.
  • The "Is Global" checkbox has been added to the Access Levels modal.
  • Back end updates to improve customer experience
Bug Fixes:
  • Removed redundant loading panel from the people page.
  • Fixed issues preventing changing the current folder.
  • Fixed issues preventing visits from updating when data is changed by another client.

Known Issues:

  • If two users are editing an item at the same time, updates may fail with an error. This can be resolved by reloading the page and re editing the item. This issues cannot cause data loss.