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1.0.21 Windows Client

Release Notes: 17 August 2017 Windows Client

Version: 1.0.21


·         Added ODSP Reader options to reader interface



·         Added the ability to search hardware status in the hardware tree

·         Added Bosch Panel last ping to the user interface

·         Added fields to the person mapping in LDAP

·         Context menus now reflect capability of downstream devices

·         Added the ability to match local date time formats

·         Added a Bosch Last Ping to the Bosch Panel page.

·         Added ability to upload license files to on premise deployment

Bug Fixes:

·         Fixed an issue where an acknowledged event would not show acknowledged unless the event required acknowledgement

·         Fixed an issue that allowed a user in a shared instance to license the instance

·         Hardware status is now grayed out for Offline controllers

·         LDAP last ping now shows in local time

·         Fixed an issue that did not allow longer card numbers

·         Fixed an issue that caused readers to not delete when the controller or downstream was deleted.

·         Fixed an issue that caused the application to crash when a user opened the people list.

·         Fixed an issue that prevents card formats from showing correctly in child folder.

·         Fixed an issue that was causing permissions to crash the application.

·         Corrected an issue where windows would not close upon application closure.

·         Fixed an issue were message date time was not showing in the correct date time.

·         Fixed an issue that caused times to now show in date time columns in live monitor and event history.