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1.0.23 Windows Client

Release Notes: 17 October 2017

Version: 1.0.23


  • Added support for AC-1 and AC-1P for the SSC
  • Added Bacnet support on the SCC and EP4502 controllers
  • Added Video Plugin download option to Video Management module


  • Added associations for I/O with cameras
  • Login window now shows version number of Keep by Feenics.
  • Prevent the Alarm priorities from cutting off until screen size requires.
  • Added One-off schedule capability

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Live Monitor would stop displaying new events when left open for a time.
  • Corrected a refresh issue where Folder Explorer would open older version of objects.
  • Fixed an issue where logins for multiple OpenEye systems would not save.
  • Corrected insertion of expressions in the expression editor.