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Release Notes»Windows Client Release Notes»1.0.27 Windows Client
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Last modified on 2/28/2018 6:48 PM by User.


1.0.27 Windows Client

Release Notes: 28 February 2018

Version: 1.0.27


  • Welcome to Keep and Reset Password message templates are now automatically added on instance creation.
  • Implemented Security Level.
  • Added Mass Extend on Card Expiry.
  • Added Save as to Badge Type Designer.
  • Added Custom Floorplan objects.
  • Automatically notify host of a visit upon check-in of a visitor.
  • Added support for deletion of folders and instances to the UI.


  • Now allow all readers as an option on all reader reports.
  • Added user group column to user page. 
  • Improved logout functionality
  • Added Download plugins to the Folder Explorer
  • UI now prevents users from saving an alarm action with grace period of 0
  • Visitor Sign out from html5 now refreshes in the native client.
  • Holiday generator for the US is updated
  • Updated descriptions of lock functions on LE locks
  • Brought back strike mode.
  • Lock down now tells user to configure access level if not already configured
  • Now support send mass notification to all Card Holders.
  • Now support send mass notification to badge types.
  • Now support send mass notification using custom forms.
  • Now support send email and SMS in mass notification.
  • Replaced the Bar Code Library.
  • Improved duplicate pin warning.
  • Adding Bosch Service now in UI.
  • Working hours are now editable in Visitor Management.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected a bug that allowed for negative numbers in activation time.
  • Deleting a person no longer leaves behind the user account
  • Corrected a bug that prevented the Visits tab from opening without visits
  • Spelling corrections
  • Bosch panel now correctly shows state even when looking at child instance hardware
  • Corrected an error that caused the readers in an access level created in a folder to not show correctly
  • Corrected a bug that caused the renaming of Bosch hardware to not update in the hardware tree
  • Fixed error message when trying to save a null password for a Bosch Passcode
  • Corrected an error that caused the scroll bar to not load in the Badge Design
  • Corrected behavior on notes for updating card expiry.
  • Pulsing an Elevator Reader now prompts for floor selection.