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1.0.26 Web Client

Release Notes: 21 March 2018

Version: 1.0.26


·         Now show the version number at the bottom of the page.

·         Add Bulk Extend feature to People list.


·         Visitor Management now supports multiple host check in.

·         Added the ability to cancel the Visit creation when adding new visitors to the Visitor Management System.

·         Improved Visitor Creation API calls in Visitor Management.

·         Improved speed of visitor addition using the scanner.

·         Improved print rendering for visitor badges.

·         Adding always available rescan button to ID scan visitor management page.

Bug Fixes:

·         Corrected hamburger menu showing admin tab incorrectly.

·         Corrected a bug that caused the image capture in the Kiosk to not work in Edge.

·         Corrected a bug that caused the kiosk to incorrectly classify visitors.

·         Corrected a bug that caused invalid links to show in the hamburger menu.

·         Corrected a bug that caused the version number to overlay objects within the app.

·         Cleaned up the task bar expand and collapse.

·         Corrected a bug that caused the Visitor Management Check In email to show an incomplete host name.

·         Visitor Management now sends email with signature based on client.