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Release Notes»LDAP Service Release Notes»1.0.32 LDAP Service
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Last modified on 3/1/2019 4:03 PM by User.


1.0.32 LDAP Service

Release Notes: March 1st, 2019

Version: 1.0.32


  • Added the ability to choose to use Directory Synchronization or UsnChanged polling.
  • Added the ability to disable a query from running.
  • Added the ability to Preserve cards from being disabled when an account is disabled.
  • Added the ability to Re-Synchronize a ldap query's records (like it was new).
  • Added the ability to Remove a ldap query's records from Keep (synced the wrong information).
  • Added the ability to add Access Levels into Keep from Active Directory.
  • Added the ability to filter potential Access Levels that will be brought into Keep.


  • Update Packages used on LDAP service.
  • Reduced the number of API calls made by the service, utilizes batching for adding new people.
  • Service now gracefully exits if unable to refresh token.
  • Updated Static Data Setup Installer for OnPremise LDAP installer.
  • Optimized Query data management
  • No longer synchronizes Disabled User Accounts

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected a bug that caused the LDAP service to remove badge type and access levels if not mapped.